Microsoft Extends The Free Update Program From Windows 10 S To Pro

Microsoft has extended until March 31, 2018 the program by which the customers of the Surface Laptop can update free from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro.

The move suggests that customers are not too happy with this Windows 10 S , the simplified (and limited) version of Windows 10 Pro that the company has created to subtract from Google Chromebooks, very strong in niches such as the educational segment in U.S.

Although it is convenient to give the corresponding margin of time to assess their acceptance, the first thing that came to mind in the newsroom when knowing the Windows 10 S was "Windows RT" and "fiasco" . Point to that and the extension of the free upgrade program to Windows 10 Pro reinforces that idea.

Microsoft promises performance advantages because of the greater lightness of the development. Also in the IT management of the equipment and the improvement of security, basically by blocking the installation of applications to those certified by Microsoft in their official Windows Store.

This brings us to a series of important restrictions of which we have already spoken extensively . The user who is not informed about it and pays a minimum of 1.149 euros for a Surface Laptop , can remember the ancestors of Microsoft executives when they can not install their favorite applications; third-party antivirus, backup programs and disk utilities are prohibited; nothing from Chrome or Firefox or from search engines other than Bing.

If you buy an advanced user or professional, more of the same, you will see that you can not use a lot of commands in the console; you will not be able to install drivers that do not have Microsoft components; You can not implement policies for mobile device management software or you can not join a Windows domain.

Too many restrictions that limit the system to a very specific niche of users. Hence, the extension of the Windows 10 Pro for free is welcome, although it confirms that this Windows 10 S is going to be complicated.